Our Tools

Knit & Sew

•Industrial flat knit machine Stoll CMS ADF 32W E7.3 multi gauge with a Weave-in device, enable woven knits to be knitted with loom-like optic and loom-like properties. Also special 3D shapes and functional clothing can be developed by this machine.
• Embroidery machine for decoration.
• Ultrasonic sewing machine combines fabrics together without thread. These seams can be waterproof.
• Several different sewing machines
• Direct twist machine which is used for tailoring threads
• Ironing for product finishing

Cut & Bond

•Zund industrial blade cutter which is suitable on for example textile, leather, paper goods and vinyl.
• Press for bonding and laminating materials
• Taped seam machine for creating waterproof products.

Scan & Print

• Body scanner for 3D pattern making, custom fit and engineered design detailing. –Coming soon-
• 3D printers for printing 3D objects in various materials.
• Sublimation printer for printing on polyester.

Paint & Finish

• Paint booth to decorate materials, create new surface finishes and make explorations in various plastics.

Building & Prototyping

• Hand tools for building and prototyping. Lightbox for colour and material checking in various light conditions.